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New Season 2013/2014

posted 28 Aug 2013, 13:54 by Dundrum Table Tennis Club   [ updated 7 Apr 2014, 07:24 ]

Welcome back 

The new season has started on Monday, 2nd of September, and we hope to see you all back! 
We currently have 14 top quality STIGA Expert Roller tables, and a table tennis robot that can be used for drills.

Opening hours


  • Monday: 7:30pm-10:30pm
  • Friday: 7:30pm-10:30pm
  • Saturday: 2pm-4pm
  • Sunday: 11:30am-1:30pm 
* If you're looking for more time on the table on 1-1 basis, we'd recommend Saturday or Sunday.


Membership options

  • "pay as you go", €5 per session - no membership or booking required
  • 9 months* (September 2013 - May 2014), €200 (unchanged since few years)
  • 12 months* (September 2013 - August 2014), €240 (you get more than a month free); 
  • Summer 2014 (June - August) membership at €25 per month or €60 per 3 months otherwise.
* membership fee includes free practice twice a week; you can also join during the season at pro rata basis.

Leinster League

We have few teams playing in the league each year. New players of all levels are always welcome to join. You can find more info about the league at 
Please note that you need to be a member to play in the league (you can choose either 9 or 12 months option)

League fees (as decided by the Leinster League and ITTA)
  • playing on a team: €15 ITTA affiliation fee + €30 Leinster League fee
  • playing as a sub: €15 ITTA affiliation fee
Teams for Leinster League have to be registered by the end of September, so please decide soon if you want to play.

You're highly encouraged to participate in club tournaments, to help with grading for teams playing in the league in the future. Please register at


We've started regular club coaching with John Bowe - 2h sessions, 8 players per session, in rotation. 
Trainings are twice a week until league matches start, then once a week until end of April.

Coaching fee (covers the whole season!)
  • if playing on a team: €15
  • if playing as a sub: €45
  • other members: €60

Membership form

It's very important that you update your details, confirming membership type (full / pay as you go) and your interest of playing in the Leinster League (on a team or as a sub; just let us know if you'd like to change this later), or coaching, so please fill out the membership form


Up to date calendar of meetings is always available at

Any questions, please mail us at