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Kids GrandPrix


Players of all abilities are welcome, and the tournament is particularly suitable for novices of all ages. Primary school players are especially welcome, to join this event as their first tournament.

The tournament will be based on an open draw, and all players will participate in the same competition - there will be no age groups, and boys and girls will play against each other. 

This is a round robin based event, which guarantees that all players will get plenty of games.

No coaching and no time-outs are allowed.
  • Sandwiches, snacks, hot & cold drinks will be available during the event at the catering stand
  • There will be also a table tennis equipment stand
  • If you need anything specific please order online by Sunday 2 weeks before the event at shop.PingZone.ie, and collect during the tournament (only DONIC / Nittaku / Newgy products!)
  • professional photos from the event


  • 26/10/2019 (Saturday)
  • 17/11/2019
  • 28/12/2019 (Saturday)
  • 19/01/2020
  • 16/02/2020
  • 22/03/2020
  • 19/04/2020
  • 24/05/2020
GrandPrix cycle points
Points will be allocated for events attended and position in the division, and prizes will be awarded based on points from best 4 events, progress, participation, etc.

Club/school participation prize
Prize will be awarded based on the number of participants from the club/school, over the whole Kids GrandPrix cycle. Prizes will consist of PingZone shop vouchers:
  1. €400
  2. €250
  3. €150


Saturday, 26/10/2019 

Registration only until Thursday before the event. No late entries will be accepted.

Check-in: 9:30-10:00am. Important: If you're not in by 10:00, your entry will be scratched! Please send a text with your name if you're running late.
Matches will start at 10:15am
The event will finish around 3:30pm


See a map and access details.


Prizes will consist of 
  • medals (top 4 in each division)
  • table tennis equipment and other prizes sponsored by PingZone Table Tennis Shop
  • posters of top table tennis players for all participants! 
  • shop vouchers for the cycle winners

Entry fee

Payment by cash on the day. 

Please fill out the form below to register. For club entries with more than 8 players please email info@PingZone.ie to receive Excel spreadsheet to fill out. 

As the emphasis is on fun and participation, we've decided to restrict eligibility on the following basis:
  • All male players who are ranked in the top 15 at Junior level in Ireland or the top 8 at Cadet level are excluded from entering tournaments.
  • All female players who are ranked in the top 8 at Junior level or the top 5 at Cadet level are excluded from entering the tournaments.
  • All Seniors (over 18) are also excluded.
This is an independent event organised by PingZone TTC and sponsored by shop.PingZone.ie


  • The tournament will be based on an open draw, and all players will participate in the same competition - there will be no age groups, and boys and girls will play against each other.
  • Mixed levels groups in 1st round, and players will be split into ability based groups from the 2nd round.
  • The tournament is limited to 60 players and online registration is required to secure a place. 
  • Registration will be open only until Wednesday before the event.
  • Plastic 40+ *** white balls will be used in the tournament.
  • All matches are best of 3 games. 
  • All players are required to umpire matches as indicated on the forms.
  • No coaching and no time-outs are allowed.
  • ITTF and ITTA rules apply. See ITTF Regulations for details.
  • If you've registered and cannot play, please notify us as soon as possible to remove you from the list so the reserve player can take your place.
  • List of registered and reserve players may be published online before the event.
  • Full results and some photos / videos may be published after the event.

Participation Prize

  • 1 point will be awarded for each entry from the school / club
  • 6 highest scored events of the school / club will be counted over of the Kids GP cycle (October 2017 - May 2018) 
  • club / school name should be provided at registration, or at the event at the latest; changes will not be possible after the event
  • entries are considered only from players who are registered, paid and playing the whole event 
  • "no-show" entries will be deducted from your points, so make sure to send any cancellations in advance
  • each event is limited to 60 entries, and players are accepted on first-come basis
  • the prizes are PingZone table tennis shop store credits
  • no cash alternative will be offered
  • ranking will be published after each event
  • excludes PingZone players



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8 May 2017, 07:19