Ladder 2017

Dear Members,

I am delighted to see so many of you coming down to play this beautiful game. PingZone club is fast becoming one of the best in Ireland and that's in part to the involvement of you and we really appreciate you supporting the club. When I was a young boy starting out to play table tennis I was introduced to a ladder system in my club and all my team mates had so much fun and a wonderful competitive attitude towards the ladder. We have decided to implement a new ladder system that will help to rank our members according to their skill levels. As members of the ladder play each other, their relative positions will be adjusted to reflect the results of their play.

The purpose of a table tennis challenge ladder is to allow all table tennis players, from the beginning, novice to the serious, experienced player, to meet and play other table tennis enthusiasts at their own skill levels. Whether you play only occasionally, "just for fun," or prefer to compete several times a week, you can meet others at your level. You will also have the opportunity to improve your play by challenging others who are slightly more advanced.

Operation of the ladder

Approximately every week or two, you will receive an updated list of the members on your challenge ladder. The list will show the current ranking of players and the results of recent matches between ladder members. When I go selecting players for league teams next season I will use the results of the ladder to determine part of my selection process. A ladder exists in the club and players will be obliged to update it after challenge match.

The following section describes the rules that apply to challenge ladder play. The primary purpose behind the rules is to allow the ladder to operate properly, contributing to the enjoyment of all players on the ladder. The most important rule of the challenge ladder is that common sense and sportsmanlike courtesy should be applied in every situation. Please don’t start getting obsessed with the ladder and complaining about other player positions. The rules are there so make sure to follow them and just concentrate on you and you alone and it will work fine. Sport is fun!


  • In the starting positions on the ladder, players will be put in the order of their league / summer league position. 
  • New players are added to the bottom of the ladder.
  • Player may challenge any other player one to three places above his or her position.
  •  If a player wins three matches in a row they will be allowed as a bonus to challenge up to 6 places above.


Members are not required to accept more than one challenge per week. Otherwise, however, members must accept valid challenges from other members, or accept a loss by default. Players are not required to accept a challenge from another player they have defeated within the past two weeks.


Players may issue or accept more than one challenge at a time. A ladder match is only valid, however, if the players are within legal challenge range at the time of the match. Of course, members are free to play matches that are not valid; the results will simply be ignored.


The challenged player may select the time of the match; however it should be mutually agreeable to both players.

A match should be completed within ten days of the challenge, unless extenuating  circumstances prevent it. A withdrawn or cancelled challenge is a default loss for the challenger.


Please provide a good table tennis ball and the standard ITTF and ITTA rules apply in each match. Best of 5 sets up to 11. Timeouts can be used with a one minute duration.


  • The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the results within 24 hours, by contacting the ladder coordinator (to be decided) and providing the following information:
    • date of the match,
    • winner's name,
    • loser's name,
    • match score.
The ladder listing is reissued approximately once every week or two, with updated results and rankings. A player who is inactive for four weeks is moved down in the ranking at that time, with additional penalties each succeeding period of inactivity.

The rules will be interpreted and disputes between members will be settled at the sole discretion of the ladder coordinator.

As is prudent in any recreational activity, and especially when involved with others, members should exercise due care in their involvement in a challenge ladder. The operators of the ladder cannot be responsible for injury to members or others, damage to property, or other liability arising out of membership in and use of the challenge ladder. By participating in a challenge ladder, each member accepts and agrees to abide by its rules.

Tips for Greater Enjoyment

A new member on a challenge ladder may find that the first one or two matches played on the ladder appear to be mismatches (in terms of skill levels). Don't be discouraged -- as the season progresses, the ladder sorts itself into order. You will soon discover other members with whom you can play comfortably. In addition to the relative rankings, you may find it useful to look at the results of specific matches. This can give you a further clue to the levels of other players, and gives some indication of players that you may want to challenge.

So don't just sit there -- make a phone call! Like you, the other members of your challenge ladder are eager to play. And, regardless of your frequency or level of play, there are table tennis matches waiting for you!


John Bowe