Club sponsors


PingZone Table Tennis Club is grateful for the ongoing sponsorship of the Confucius Cup, by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, which offers a range of evening courses about China, its language and its culture.

DONIC is our main equipment sponsor and supplier. You can buy DONIC products in our table tennis shop.

UK TOMIC is an enterprise specially engaged in research, designing, manufacturing and selling vacuum insulated flasks and kitchen cookware.

Ask about their products in the club.

One of the first shops in Ireland providing Polish people with Polish food. The company has grown since then and at the moment there are 29 shops located in the Republic of Ireland. There is also a shop located in Newry in Northern Ireland.
 https://www.htaerotech.com/ HaoTong AeroTech offers a wide range of cutting edge high-quality and cost-effective Aviation engineering and consulting services including:
  • Aviation Engineering Continuing
  • Airworthiness Management 
  • Lease Return 

Players' sponsors

Colin Judge

  • shop.PingZone.ie

We can offer you sponsorship packages at different levels. Please call Roman at +353 85 7886910 to discuss.