Confucius Cup 2016


PingZone Table Tennis Club organises quality tournaments with levels ranging from club players and lower league divisions to top Irish players - great opportunity to play many games against variety of opponents, and also a chance to win some nice prizes.

PingZone Table Tennis Club is grateful for the sponsorship of the 2016 Confucius Cup, by the UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland, which offers a range of evening courses about China, its language and its culture.

Last year results and final match video at Confucius Cup 2015   


Sunday, 13/03/2016


UCD Confucius Institute
Mixed singles cash prizes (top division):
  1. €1000 & Perpetual Trophy
  2. €600
  3. €400
  4. €200
Additional bonus prizes for highest placed ladies: 
  1. €500 & Perpetual Trophy
  2. €300
  3. €200
Small non-cash prizes in lower divisions and in the raffle draw.


Open (A1)
  1. Gavin Maguire
  2. Vladislavs Agurjanovs
  3. John Murphy
  4. Na Ning
  1. Charlotte Carey
  2. Rita Kacsandi
  3. Katie McGlone
Div A2
  1. Romain Barth
  2. Mia O'Rahilly Egan
Div B1
  1. Colin Judge
  2. Michael Ussher
Div B2
  1. Amod Pandey
  2. Jerzy Zając
Ladies final:

Open final:

Full results available in the PDF file below.

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15 Mar 2016, 10:38